REIS - Be inspired

Magazine REIS has a clear profile as a slightly more
upscale travel magazine for conscious connoisseurs. For us travel
is more than what you do on your vacation, travels and adventures
are a part of a lifestyle. Our readers are constantly exploring, not
only in the world – but also in their everyday lives. For them traveling
is more an extension of a lifestyle that is all about appearance,
adventure and zest for life. Our readers are a group of curious people
with a great interest in everything that makes life a pleasure:
food and drink, art and design, nature and culture. REIS-combines
all this. We should be equally good at inspiring you as we are at
informing you. Editorial in REIS is built on three pillars: news, inspiration
and knowledge.


The news in REIS is about everything that is important for ratings
and we prioritize substance which coincides with our readers interests:
cultural events, information about new hotels, new restaurants
and attractions. All published under vignette Transit must
meet four criteria: new, true, interesting and relevant.


Reader’s enjoyment is important for us at REIS. We defend the literary
reportage and imagery with artistic height. Inspirational articles
represent the majority of the page count. We will communicate
an experience already by reading the magazine. REIS should
be experienced as rewarding by anyone interested in contemporary
magazines. REIS will provide relaxation and be interesting
even if you do not even plan to travel to the places we write about.


All editorial content in REIS must maintain high quality, with an
emphasis on information value and knowledge. REIS helps and
guides our readers to destinations and provides subjective evaluations
of the offer (hotels, restaurants, etc.) based on local
knowledge and our reviewers’ preferences. The aim of our travel
guides is to present the best the chosen destination has to offer.
In this way we help actively the travelers to make the most of their


Our readers are a group of curious people with a great interest in everything that makes life a pleasure: food and drink, art and design, nature and culture. REIS-combines all this.


Through our special sections we present our advertisers to readers in a slightly different way. As an advertiser you buy a double page where you can introduce yourself through your ad combined with editorial coverage of product.

For more information about upcoming special sections, prices and opportunities, or if you know a specific topic you think will interest our audience, contact David Kurtz at tlf. +47 93 48 15 42.


Please make sure the document is locked as: xAds, EPS, PDF or TIFF. The files should be optimized for print (at least 300 dpi) and saved in CMYK, meaning that all used pictures and colors must be definied as process CMYK.

Fonts and pictures must be included. Avoid open documents. If delivering open documents, as InDesign or Illustratordocument, fonts in the document
must be outlinet. Pictures and colors must be optimized as described above.

Controlling the document: is possible, send a printed copy. Send an e-mail to [email protected] to confirm when and how you will deliver your ad.


Printing method: Offset.
Screen: Lines/inch
Material: Digital ad.
Conditions: Advertising tax included. VAT not included.
Any modifications required to material supplied will incure
further cost.

Latest cancellation four working weeks prior to deadline. Latest cancellation of insert eight weeks prior to deadline. Preliminary bookings transferred to standard booking three weeks after receipt. Cancellations must be in writing.

Complaints must be made within seven days of publication. Complaints concerning invoices must be made within two weeks of invoice date.


David Kurtz
Sales and marketing manager
Phone: +47 21 62 78 30
Mob: +47 93 48 15 42
E-mail: [email protected]

REIS magazine is published in Norway by Media Digital AS
Other publications from the publisher, Travel News, Discover America Magazine,
FIRST Magazine, KystMagasinet, Padling and Norway Exports.


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Other formats
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